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It is not difficult to scope your candidate search because you already know you need a subset of the talent pool that has to offer. You need to find a person that fits both your budget and the skills needed to do the job.

Before you post a job on Upwork, you should know the amount of work and time your project demands. After that, you can start shortlisting the talent that applies to your job post. Prioritize developers with good 5-star reviews. Another thing to take into account is to see if the developer has completed a job recently, this way you get to know whether the developer is still active on the platform or not.

With all that in mind, you can have your first interviews with Chrome extension developers to see whether your project is a good fit for an extension or if it would need a dedicated server, API integration, or Web Scraping.

The best Chrome Extension developers have Web Scraping, Chrome Extension Development, JavaScript, CSS, and React as skills listed on their profiles. Keep an eye on those profiles that applied to your job post that have those skills.

You should be open-minded too. If you like a proposal but the candidate does not have one or two of those skills listed on their profile, just ask them if they know how to do it. Some developers forget to add it as a skill or they do not have enough room on their General Profile to add it.

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